Q & A

Who may participate in the program?

Family Table Food Ministries realizes that virtually everyone today is struggling with ever- increasing costs for the basics of life. In light of this fact, this program was established to provide top-quality food at a greatly reduced price to everyone. There are NO Memberships and NO Income Guidelines! Literally, everyone in your community is qualified to purchase from the program!

What is the cost/value of the food?

Our boxes offer a substantial savings from what you would pay at a retail store. The boxes' contents and amount varies geographically with at least a 40 percent savings.

What about the food quality?

The Family Table Food Ministries Food Program provides the same top-quality food you find at your local grocery store outlets. These foods are never donations, outdated, or damaged goods.

Is the food the same every month?

The menus change every month allowing for variety in the family's meals, including quality meats, chicken and seafood, a variety of frozen vegetables and fruits, and other staples, providing the basis for a nutritionally balanced diet.

Is there a limit to how much food I can order?

NO. The more you purchase, the more you save!

Can I order more than one box at a time?

Yes, there is no limit to the quantity of boxes you can order.

How is the food delivered?

The food comes by refrigerator truck in a pre-packed frozen box. Volunteers help unload the food at each church or non-profit Host Site and then distribute the food to each individual, with pick up available shortly after delivery.

How long will the food stay frozen out of refridgeration?

Approximately 4 hours.

When are orders distributed?

Once a month on Saturday mornings. See the planning calendar for dates.

Does Family Table Food Ministries take food from places that serve the needy?

No. Food pantries, soup kitchens, and rescue programs rely upon donated and recycled items. All of Family Table Food Ministries’ food is restaurant quality. Actually, programs for the needy can benefit from Family Table Food Ministries in many ways. We have many community partnerships with these organizations and many purchase Family Table Food Ministries boxes for their community pantries.

How can we get the program in our community?

As we establish the program in your community, we will be looking for partners who want to share the value and benefit of our program. Please contact us at 1-315-604-3958 or familytablefood@gmail.com if you would like more information.