How It Works

Family Table Food Ministries purchases Restaurant Quality Food which is packaged and shipped to our Host Sites for delivery to our customers.

The majority of our orders come from families who are simply looking to cut their food costs. For most families, food is very high on the list of financial demands that they struggle to satisfy each month. Our program is designed to provide food to reach those families that are simply trying to stretch their dollars, without sacrificing quality when it comes to what they put on their dinner table.

Our program is designed to assist people of ALL income levels. Many of our Host Sites accept payment from Food Stamp recipients.

The Process

You place your food order before the order deadline each month at your local host site during their published order times. You pre-pay for your order and are provided with a receipt at that time. On a pre-determined day each month, the food arrives on refrigerated trucks at your local host site, where you arrive at a pre-set time with your receipt and pick up your pre-boxed food from the volunteers there.

Our Host Sites accept cash, money orders, and most accept Food Stamp EBT cards for payment. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Checks, and PayPal are accepted for payment through our on-line order processing.

How Can We Do This?

Quite frankly, without the gracious and dedicated volunteers at each Local Host Site, we could not! The discounts which are derived from purchasing large volumes of food alone simply do not allow for the deep discounts that we provide to our customers.

Large discount warehouse clubs discount their products in a way that most local food stores cannot. These clubs eliminate the costs for expensive flooring, lighting, expensive labor to unpack cartons and stock pretty shelves, and even such things as simple as shopping bags, passing the savings on to their customers.

We do the same things, but we take it even a step further. We don't have even the local warehouse to pay for. We utilize the facilities of local churches, fire stations, 4-H clubs and other non-profit organizations due to their desire and willingness to reach out to serve their local community. So, we save on other things as well; Mortgage, Rent, Utilities, Payroll, Inventory Expenses, Returns, Re-stocking, Spoilage, and a host of other expenses. This allows us to purchase only restaurant quality food from major producers and have even more savings to pass on to you, our customer.

In addition, we do not charge any membership fees like the warehouse clubs do. You may order from us when you like, and order only what you like. Order this month and not next, or come back every month for great savings!