Food Stamp Program

With the struggles in today’s economy, and the rising costs of food, Family Table Food Ministries lends a helping hand by providing families with low cost, but healthy groceries. When families have a hand up in the food category of their monthly budget, their dollars can be stretched further in other areas. To better help families in need, Family Table Food Ministries participates in the Food Stamp Program. This program is designed to help low-income families buy the food they need for good nutrition. Please contact your local host site to see if they participate.

Am I eligible for the food stamp program (SNAP)?

The United States government is devoted to assisting children, low-income and individuals with two programs directed at trimming back hunger and providing food to people across the country. The modern names for the two major food stamp programs in the United States are the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) programs.

Instead of paper food stamps, all states at present employ Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). The EBT system permits participants to buy food using a card that functions like a debit card; EBT cards can be used in any state in the country at locations that are qualified to accept SNAP benefits.

Different states have different prerequisites and applications for eligibility, but to get a general idea of whether or not you could be eligible to receive food stamp benefits, as well as the amount of help you could get, utilize the SNAP Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool located at www.foodstampcenter.com. Based on the results of the pre-screening tool, you should then click the link to your state to learn more about the SNAP program in your state, including how to apply. After applying, applicants will need to furnish extra documentation during an interview with a state case worker and fit all prerequisites set forth by the state on an ongoing basis in order to continue receiving benefits.

Can I pay for an online order using my EBT card?

EBT cards cannot be used to place an order online with our website due to USDA restrictions. To place an order using your EBT card you will need to contact your local host site and place an order on-site with them.