Food Quality

Food Service VS Retail

Family Table Food Ministries purchases Food Service Quality Foods. These foods are prepared for and meet the higher standards that restaurants and commercial kitchens require for products that they serve to the public. What does this mean for you? When you order through Family Table Food Ministries, most of the foods that you have access are of a higher quality than is generally available from your local grocery store. For example, the fruits and vegetables that Family Table Food Ministries provides are more uniform in size, color, and quality; the meats are more uniform in weight and are trimmed of excess fat; potato products are restaurant size; breaded items contain less breading.

As an informed consumer, you may already be aware of the fact that the United States has become the world's dumping ground for cheap, substandard products, and unfortunately, this situation has reached into the food supply chain. At Family Table Food Ministries, we search to procure food from producers who are committed to providing quality foods, utilizing standards that are often well above those that are required in the U.S. For example, because of the seasonality of production, fruits and vegetables are shipped into this country from all over the world. The next time you are at your local grocery store, or one of the new big box stores that have grocery sections, look at the produce bags to see where the product comes from. The quality standards vary from country to country. We utilize suppliers who also ship produce into Japan. Why? Because the Japanese demand a much higher quality of product, and their standards for safe handling are also much higher than in the U.S., so we know that we are getting the best product possible for our customers.


One of the first things you will notice when you look at our Menu each month is that the food you receive from Family Table Food Ministries is packaged in different quantities than you may be accustomed to seeing at your local grocery store. We do this because of the cost savings. We purchase items in bulk from nationally known suppliers; then have them re-packed into smaller bags. This is why most of the time you will find items in our box packaged in clear bags. It is NOT because the food is generic, but simply that the name-brand food has been re-packaged into bags without the expensive printing. This is one of the ways that we provide savings for you, our customer.

Special Meals For Seniors

Family Table Food Ministries has partnered with Valley Foods to provide meals (TRADITIONS MEAL SOLUTIONS) that are especially designed to meet the nutritional requirements for Seniors, while maintaining our demands not only for high quality and nutritional value, but to also provide a greater variety of meal options. Each meal provides all of the components needed to meet the USDA daily requirements for Seniors. Just add an 8oz glass of milk!

Traditions Meal Solutions

These Senior Meals come with all of the components for 10 different tasty meals packed into each box each month. Each 10 meal box costs only $29.  Many younger folks also purchase these meals to be used as a quick, convenient meal for use on those days that they are on-the-go and don't have time to fix a regular meal. Yes, they are that tasty!

Some Definitions

For your convenience, we offer the following Food Industry Terms and Abbreviations that you may see on our website and in our menu offerings:

  • IQF - Individually Quick Frozen - products are frozen separately so that they don't stick together in the package, making it easier to remove only the quantity need for a meal.
  • B/L - Boneless
  • S/L - Skinless
  • B/L-S/L - Boneless / Skinless as in Chicken Breasts
  • FC - Fully Cooked